Perfume Review: Jimmy Choo

Let's just start here, for lack of a better place: I do not own any Jimmy Choo products. Not shoes, not handbags, and definitely not the Uggs.

I'm aware of the legacy of Jimmy Choo, and I admire Tamara Mellon for being a savvy and successful business woman.

Mellon and Choo certainly have a great understanding of the luxury market! I clearly do not have a great understanding of the luxury market. I wear Skechers. I own numerous t-shirts, none of which cost more than $15. My "handbag" is from Target. Much of my jewelry is hand-crafted by artisans (I like craft shows), but doesn't really have a lot of value. Let's just say Lindsey won't bother stealing any of my stuff.

Tamara enjoys it...
The only luxury items I own are cosmetics and perfume. The former I know a lot about, and the latter I'm learning.

Mellon, who also poses in the ads, is apparently "into" perfumes. She's been wanting to create one for 15 years, the press releases assure.

Reviews of Jimmmy Choo's first perfume are mixed. It seems to be the kneejerk reaction to assume new, mass-merchandised scents are bad. Some are. Some aren't. But is this one...?

Let me describe it, first. The opening is a musky peachy citrus blend on my skin. Not sharp, plastic, or fake. We're off to a good start! It quickly adds a floral aspect that's a bit harsh (like the spike of a high heel?) at first, then slowly rounds out a bit. The lower notes of Jimmy Choo perfume are a gourmand-inflected patchouli. Not foody, but somewhat caramelized.

It wears well, with a presence. Sillage is moderate-to-strong; lasting power was medicore (fading on my skin in about 4 hours).

This is a people-pleaser scent, in a way, but also somewhat more complex than most of the recent launches I've smelled at Nordstrom and Saks. It's got the fruity bit that's so common popular right now (and I think it does it well). It's got that woody (not oud-y) bit that's so common popular right now (and I think it does it well). It also has that sugary bit all the kids like (and I think it does it well). It's a little of everything and as slippery to pin down as JELL-O. It's kind of like some of the Jimmy Choo shoes which, to me, appear to have a lot going on even when providing fairly minimal coverage.

I like Jimmy Choo perfume. I enjoyed the various phases. I also like that, thanks to the aldehydes present, this seems like a Perfume (Big 'P') rather than simply a perfume. Dressy. "Night-time". I'm a bit cavalier about wearing perfumes whenever the heck I want to, but many may consider this a scent to pair with A Big Girl Dress... and Jimmy Choo slingbacks, of course!

That said, I still don't own anything marked with the Jimmy Choo label. While I found this perfume interesting and pleasant (and will use the rest of the sample eventually) I prefer the floral-patchouli of Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf) and Chinatown (Bond No. 9) to the genre of "fruitchoulis" or neo-chypres or however one might label this perfume. Still, I wouldn't say no to a free bottle. Tamara?

House: Jimmy Choo
Fragrance: Jimmy Choo
Perfumer: Olivier Polge
Released: 2010
Notes: green notes, pear nectar, sweet orange from Italy, Tiger Orchid, caramel, Indonesian patchouli.
Sample: obtained at Saks; also liberally spritzed from tester.

Final Word: pretty.

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  1. I'm puzzled at all the bad and iffy reviews this is getting. I don't own a single pair of JC shoes, don't care about him at all. But on a trip to New York in steamy June (without perfume, because I take only carry-ons and didn't have a 3 oz. bottle), the streets smelled like garbage and I was pretty sweaty. I happened to be passing Saks Fifth Avenue and popped in . . . and was immediately assailed by Perfume People.

    I wandered around the air-conditioned store, sniffing my JC strip. The more I sniffed, the more I thought, ooohhh. So I bought the smallest-size bottle. I was under the impression that it was a woody scent (normally my favorite, though I like some florals). I'm old enough to remember the super-fruity '80s, Decade of Cheesy Smells, not to mention the patchouli-scented late '60s. JC is another thing entirely.

    Weeks later, I adore this stuff. What lots of people are forgetting is that it blends with your body chemistry. On me, I don't get the fruity aspect. And the scent lasts quite a long time. For a reality check, my favorite perfumes include Hermes' Bel Ami (men's scent) and Eau des Merveilles and Prada's Infusion d'Iris.

  2. Hey, thanks for posting a comment! I like it too, though like I said, I find Flowerbomb and Chinatown to fit in the same spot in my wardrobe, so I don't need this one.

    I will have to give Bel Ami a go, since I like Eau des Merveilles and Infusion d'Iris, too. Maybe we have more in common than just the Jimmy Choo. :)


  3. i love this perfume..smells so good even after hours of wearing it.. sexy and alluring i own it and will continue to relish in the beautiful sent that it indears.. thank you for the fragrane.

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