DabneyRose Moi-Koh Incense Body Powders

I've been saving something special for today, because it's my birthday. I wanna talk about a treat!!! 

Let's talk about something truly decadent and novel. New - but not. Something I imagine you have not ever tried before, but you're gonna wanna!

Body powder incense.

What?! Oh yeah

Dry, scented powders? Been there, done that. 

Incense-style, though? A ritualized body treatment using the ancient art of incense to bring the body and soul together with the powers above? I am willing to bet that's a new one for you.

Imagine starting the day inhaling the beautiful scent of sandalwood, rose petals, a touch of frankincense and orris, and either tuberose extrait or ginger lily extrait and ginger lily root. 

Rub it in your hands. Breathe it in. Rub it on your body. In your hair. On your bed sheets. On your clothes. Anywhere you wish. If some fall on the floor, no worries - the scent is lovely and you'll vaccum or sweep it up soon.

Dabney Rose, who makes the Moi-Koh Incense Powders, also says they burn beautifully on an incense heater set on low, but I have not tried that. 

I got to sample both powders, and took my time experimenting. I found both really pleasing, though preferred the tuberose by a nose. 

I personally like putting them in my hair or  on my body when it's the slightest bit damp. 

Moi-Koh Gingibar takes a moment to bloom, then gives a subtle burst of ginger and then a longer waft of ginger lily and soft woods.

Moi-Koh Tuberose is pretty straight-forward tuberose from the gate, fading into those soft woods. 

Neither has particular longevity, but they really aren't meant to. They do, especially in my long hair, every now and then toss out a little scent. 

These powders are a beautiful ritual I have come to enjoy. Decedant. Very zen. Very posh. A blending of a French (Moi) beauty treatment and an ancient tradition (Koh, borrowed from Zu-Koh, the Japanese term for using incense before praying or entering the temples). 

Shop for Moi-Koh Incense Body Powders and Dabney's other beautiful natural scented products (I love her hydrosols!) on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DabneyRose

Disclosure: samples provided by perfumer