L'Occitane Cherry Blossom (a perfume review)

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Who doesn't love cheery cherry blossoms in the Spring? Evil people, that's who.

They're pretty. They're not noxious. The worst thing they do is rain delicate pink blooms down onto the ground after a rain. What's to hate?

Their short but beautiful lifespan is a reminder of the short but beautiful lifespan of humans according to Japanese culture. As such, the symbol of the cherry blossom can be seen often in the art of that culture. That meaning and symbolism has carried over to other cultures as well, as evidenced by the prevalence of cherry blossom tattoos ("borrowed" from Japanese tattoos of the same thing) that can be spotted just about anywhere.

Cherry blossom trees, which can be found all over the world, don't actually produce cherries. More's the pity. They're originally Japanese and often go by the name "Sakura".

They do have a fresh, slightly sweet scent that is subtle and very, very pretty.

I got the opportunity to try L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom scent recently -the eau de toilette, to be specific. This scent comes in a variety of other products: hand lotion, a solid perfume, a bath and body gel, soaps, and even a "shimmering lotion". The scent has been around for years and has quite a loyal fan base.

Cherry Blossom is, to be honest, not totally my style. It's something I will probably wear, but not all of the time. It opens with a greenish brightness that packs a fairly strong wallop. That dies down after about 15 minutes and a floral quality steps forward.

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Is this verisimilitude? Does this smell just like a cherry blossom plucked right off of a tree? Eh... it's certainly cherry blossom-esque. Essentially this smells like a bouquet of perfume flowers. Not real flowers, but perfume flowers. You probably know what I mean. As close to a real cherry blossom as a watercolor painting - you know what it's meant to be, but it's not photo-realistic.

The drydown for Cherry Blossom is nice. It's my favorite part of the development of the scent, actually, since the opening makes my eyes water with its enthusiasm and the heart is a little too generic for my liking. The drydown is not earth-shattering in it's creativity, but it's a sweet little musky woods combo that melts into the skin.

This scent is bright and fresh. It's pretty. It's feminine for sure. It is mostly inoffensive - though people who judge the fruity-floral genre and "pink perfumes" in general may take offense just out of reflex.

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This is a great office scent (let the top notes burn off on your commute!) and perfect for those who like a simply but pretty perfume they can depend on. It's a sundress and sandals scent, not a black leather mini scent. It's a charming girl-next-door perfume, not a Diva. I imagine it's a pretty good compliment-getter, too..

Cherry Blossom is not a challenging scent, nor is it complex. But it is very, very Springy. And who hates Spring? Evil people, that's who.

Cherry Blossom
Top Note: Sweet & Juicy with Cherry and Freesia
Middle Note: Floral and Feminine with Cherry Blossom and Lily of the valley
Base Note: Warm and Woody with Amber and Musk.

Have you ever been to DC when the cherry blossoms bloom? It's spectacular.
I highly recommend a visit if you can time it right!

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  1. Ahhh, spring. I love it; it's my favorite time of year. Spring's not here yet (snowed last night) so I am feeling like an unrequited lover. L'Occitane's light florals don't do well on my skin, but that's par for the course and not their fault. But that Eau de Baux.... good stuff. I suppose it's helpful I like the woody, spicy stuff, since winter goes on and on and on around here. (grumble)


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