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What this blog is:
A place to record my experiences with fragrances; a series of posts that share my impressions of certain perfumes; a catalog of factoids about perfume and the perfume industry.

What this blog is not: 
  • A place to find updates on the latest and greatest fragrance releases (for that, visit the amazing Now Smell This). 
  • This blog is not a website that critiques perfumes; I am not a perfumer, chemist, Nose, or pro. I will share my impressions, and nothing more.
  • This site is not a pro-anyone blog. I'm open to almost anything, scent-wise, and will not take a biased stance on natural vs. synthetic, niche vs. mass-merchandised, or whatever battle you're fighting. I just like to smell things.
  • This blog is not bought-and-paid-for. My opinions, impressions, and insights are my own. Should I receive a sample to review, I will be honest and fair just as I am with samples I have begged, borrowed or stolen*.
*Note: I don't steal. It's an expression. :)

About the Blogger:
My name is Jen Meade. I'm a wife and Mom. I'm a makeup artist. I'm a writer. Sometimes I paint. I have another blog (BSB), which is about makeup and how to wear it. I live in Virginia, am originally from Maryland, and wish I lived in New England. We have three fancy rats and two useless cats living in our house, but I label myself as a dog person. I love coffee and cheesecake, but probably not coffee cheesecake.  Dark chocolate, Autumn, and trolling craft shows are three of my favorite things.

I'm a newly addicted perfumehound, and I am somewhat clueless about fragrance. Of course, I'm trying to be less clueless. I thought it might be interesting to document the things I'm learning about perfume and the sense of smell, and so this blog was born.

You can learn a little more about me here in these posts:


  • Reviews: My impressions of a fragrance are tagged as "reviews" out of convenience and respect for popular convention, but they aren't really reviews. To review something implies a sort of expertise I do not have. I share my thoughts and impressions, which are personal and subjective and dependent on mood, skin chemistry, personal preferences, weather, ozone levels, astrological sign, and shoe size. Your mileage will probably vary.
  • Submissions: Should a brand or representative of a brand wish to submit a product for review, it is accepted for consideration only. No promise of a review, positive or negative, is promised. Reviews will be impartial and honest. Should you wish to submit a product, please contact the author at jen@beautyschoolblog.net.
  • Provenance of samples: unless specifically noted otherwise, samples were obtained by the author by swap, trade, purchase, begging at a store, or as a give-away. If a sample was submitted for consideration by a brand (or representative thereof), that fact will be clearly noted at the end of the review.