I'm turning The Big Four-Oh today! Yay, me! I really don't mind having another decade behind me. It's better than the alternative. ;)

On my other blog, I posted about favorites. Thinking about your happy-makers really puts you in a good mood and gives you perspective!

Here, I thought I'd share my favorite perfumes! A simple list with brief comments - not really reviews.

What am I wearing today? Amaranthine. A vacation in a perfume bottle! I've asked for a bottle of DSH's Mata Hari for my birthday. Fingers crossed!

My best gift, though, is this lovely perfume community! Thank you for being so welcoming, generous, friendly and supportive of me and one another.

If you have any suggestions of things I should try,  let me know!

Have a happy, happy day! I'm off to a picnic with my daughters (on a blanket on the living room floor!).


In no specific order:
  • Morocco (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)
    Pefection. Five stars. Musky, spicy, floral and creamy.
  • 24, Faubourg (Hermes)
    Breathtaking and sophisticated.
  • Eau Claire de Merveilles (Hermes)
    Bright and cheerful.
  • Elixr de Merveilles (Hermes)
  • No. 19 (Chanel)
    My sleep scent, my "getting centered" scent. Very me.
  • Bois des Iles (Chanel)
    There are no words!
  • Jicky (Guerlain)
    So sticky and rich and different.
  • Shalimar - vintage (Guerlain)
  • Mitsouko - any and all (Guerlain)
  • Amaranthine (Penhaligon's)
    A tropical holiday. Stunning. A bit naughty!
  • Le Mimosa (Annick Goutal)
    Comforting, bright and cozy-cheerful.
  • Bandit (Piguet)
  • Calamity J (Juliette Has a Gun)
    Deliciously comfortable.
  • Chinatown (Bond No 9)
    A floral patcbouli bomb!
  • Rose Chypre (Andy Tauer)
    Old fashioned and modern, all rolled into one.


  1. Happy 40th Birthday! (I'm almost there myself)
    My fingers are crossed in hopes you get a bottle of Mata Hari!

  2. Happy Birthday, *jen! Enjoy the next forty years to come. And then some.

    Looking at your list I realize that our perfume tastes are so different that I will not dare to suggest anything in this area, but if you haven't tried yet - as something new for your new decade - I would suggest indoor flying.

    Once again - happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday *jen! I'm so glad you've joined the perfume side of blogging---I really look forward to each new post :)

    Hope you get the Mata Hari!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great picknick, Jen! Your favorites list is great, Mata Hari will fit in perfectly. :)

  5. Thanks, you all! So sweet. And yes, a Mata Hari review is pending! :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Jen!
    40 is not old! ;)
    I am turning 35 soon :)

    I am so glad you got Mata Hari! Please review, I am looking forward to reading your impressions and maybe have some ordered for MY birthday ;)

  7. Ooops, I'm sorry for being late - happy birthday!
    Hope the picnic was great! :)

  8. Late in the game - but still: Happy birthday!
    I'll be 45 in June, and I've decided that that's not old either :-)
    However, I have decided that 45 gives me the right to give in to certain personality quirks: I will no longer attend gym classes with other people and I will stop making excuses for not atttending Christmas parties at work - in other words: I will own up to being a bit unsocial ;-)

    Are you a cologne type of woman? If yes, you might want to try Dior's Escale a Portofino. Olfactoria has a review of it from this week.

    I've recently fallen in love with Amaranthine and will want to own a full bottle once my sample is gone.

    Do you know Putain des Palaces by Etat Libre d'Orange? It's a bit naughty, too.


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