Soothing frazzled nerves and getting your sexy on with Escentual Alchemy's Jasmine and Rose Solid Botanical Perfume.

Jasmine and rose scented water
There are times where I, as a PWF (Person With Fibromyalgia), need some calming and soothing. I always joke that I need a drink, but alcohol actually causes more trouble than it's worth: it messes with my sleep and dehydrates me. Neither of those things is helpful to me - or most anyone. Not that I'm saying having a few drinks is bad - far from it. But when I'm feeling out-of-sorts or ill, it's not the healthy choice. 

What is?

I am surrounded by some lovely friends who are fierce advocates for aromatherapy. I know little about this amazing art, but I'm trying to be open to learning. It's not that I don't believe in it, rather that the fibro makes my memory so shaky that I can't remember which plants have which properties, which scents soothe which concerns. Recently I was hurting from a thrown-out back. Jasmine and rose were the primary suggestions my fabulous friends made, as apparently those scents are good for easing pain. I am kicking myself for not immediately remembering that I had the perfect thing handy...

Jasmine and Rose Solid Botanical Perfume Pot

Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum, is a heavy floral scent, with fruity and floral tones. Turkish Rose, has a soft floral scent, with fruity, floral tones. Jasmine and Rose are the ultimate aphrodisiac, exotic and sensual, floral, sweet. The King and Queen of Flowers blended together into one luxurious solid perfume!

One of those friends I mentioned had actually scent me this lovely pot of healing smells awhile back. She made it herself. Jasmine and Rose Solid Botanical Perfume, by Escentual Alchemy perfumer Amanda Feeley, is a straightforward blend of Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum and Turkish Rose (in a base of filtered beeswax, jojoba oil, and fractionated coconut oil).

Jasmine is thought to help promote sleep and rest. In what seems like a paradox, it also can ease depression, improve moods, give spirits "a lift", and add a little hubba hubba to your life (it's an aphrodisiac). Rose is known to be relaxing and soothing (remember how I sprayed that lovely rose hydrosol by En Voyage on my sheets and pillow?). It, too, relieves depression as well as helping to minimize stress and tension. Topically, it is apparently quite nice for soothing aching muscles*.

*It seems there are myriad ways to use these oils. I'm just scratching the surface, here!

So while I didn't have the right oils to apply topically to my aching back, I wonder if huffing this lovely solid perfume would have helped? My guess is yes, as today it seems to have calmed me (necessary with two kids with a fever-y headcold on top of their chickenpox) and somewhat soothed my pounding headache (from my own cold). Or maybe calming my spirit is what helped beat back the headache? Who cares which came first - it worked for me!

And here's some even better news: it smells amazing. At first, there's a blast of rose, but then it becomes and amazing blend of both flowers - soft, soothing, pretty. It's also kinda sexy, ya'll, so watch out! ;)

And even better? It's $15 for a pot. 

What are your thoughts on aromatherapy? What ways do you use it? Are there calming perfumes you reach for regularly? Envigorating scents? What are your thoughts on solid perfumes? 

Disclosure: a sample of this perfume was provided for consideration by the perfumer.
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  1. Jen you have made my morning beautiful! Thank you for your words, and I'm so very glad that my little pot of scent has helped to ease your day a little



  2. Have never really enjoyed solid perfumes, as they often seem sticky/greasy. OTOH, something like the F Malle Beurre Exquise (in Carnal Flower, please!) is wonderful and not sticky at all.

    My sister, who has mild bipolar disorder (unmedicated) and is currently undergoing tests to rule out several possibilities before her doctor formally diagnoses fibromyalgia, swears by aromatherapy for migraines and mood amelioration. She has a "headache" oil mixture she rubs on her palms when she feels one coming on, and there's a "relax" mixture she applies to the soles of her feet when she's tired but too jumpy to sleep. (Says it helps her 7-yo go to sleep, too.) She's also started using a frankincense-in-jojoba oil as an everyday smell-good scent.

  3. This is definitely not a sticky or greasy solid, though I do know exactly what you mean.

    Oh dear, unmedicated bipolar is a very precarious thing. I am fascinated by your sister's "relax" mixture and the fact that it goes on the feet. I have never heard of that and I think it sounds so cool. And if it helps the kids... I may need to whip up a vat! ;)



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