Moon Valley by Escentual Alchemy --- Wow.

Half-dome Moonrise, 

Sheldon Neill

I could have just left this post as-is with the headline, because it just about sums up my feelings. Instead, being a wordy little son-of-a-gun, I will keep running my mouth.

I really wasn't sure what to expect out of a perfume called "Moon Valley" (by Amanda Feeley's Escentual Alchemy). Something cold? Something distant? Something... I dunno why, but metallic?*

*I said I don't know why. Just go with it.

What I got, though, was a complete surprise!

Esscentual Alchemy's Moon Valley natural perfume opens with a hint of the dew that falls at night.

Following with a fresh heirloom muskmelon scent, and exotic herbs.
Mouthwateringly enticing. Next comes the smell of well-travelled luggage,
that has seen alluring, glamourous, and out of the way ports of call,
and has stood the test of time, and the rigors of the journey.

Ends with a spicy dry down.

Perfume Ingredients: Vetiver, Antique Oakmoss, Hyrax, Orris, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Lilac, Tuberose, Carnation, Peach Accord, Virginia Cedar, Natural isolate of Heliotrope 

So, what did I actually smell?

There's lilac in that there perfume! 

Hot damn! I do loves me a lilac perfume. This is no simple soliflore, though, which is good because those bore me quickly.  I don't know if anyone else would jump to the lilac first, by the way, but I'm such a fan that I just can't help but note it!

The other florals makes Moon Valley nice and round, while the peachy-melon highlights the sweetness and gives it a little heft. And you know what? There's a little bit of that metal I was expecting - just a twinge of it in the orris (iris root). This is Amanda's personal "take" on the gone-but-not-forgotten Iris Gris (Jacques Fath), after all.

The mood for this scent is a happy one. It makes me feel happy and cheerful - and a little absurd because I keep sniffing myself.

This is the best kind of fruity floral and I think it's going on my Christmas Wishlist.

Moon Valley @Etsy; @Artfire

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  1. Jen,

    This is so pretty like a beautiful song! Thank you for your kind and wonderful words about Moon Valley :) I love a good lilac myself, so I completely understand the huffing! In spring, you'll find my nose buried in the branches of our lilac bush, and then picking flowers too!



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