A short review, perhaps to get me out of my slump. Perfume Review: #6 Mandarin and Ginger Lily (Trish McEvoy)

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Quick Recipe:
Spinach + slices of strawberries +
a handful of blueberries +
some mandarin oranges + almonds +
balsamic vinegar=
Refreshing Summer Salad

I have An Issue with mandarin oranges. I love them. Clementines are lovely, of course, but there's something about the uber-juicy mandarin orange slices "fresh" from a can. Especially if those slices are chilled... Mmmmm.


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Naturally, citrus is a go-to refreshing zing in hot weather (hello, lemonade?!). Not just limited to gustatory chilling, citrus is utilized in a ton of Fresh, Light, and cologne-style scents.

Exhibit A: #6 Mandarin and Ginger Lily. This perfume is part of the line of scents by makeup guru Trish McEvoy (she of the clever makeup binder). It's not new, but new-to-me.

My initial thoughts? I really, really want to love this! I would love a dozen fresh, light citrus scents based on lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and mandarin.

I know citrus burns off quickly, relegating its use to top notes. I'm at peace with that (for now).

I spritz Mandarin & Ginger Lily with wild abandon every time, and it smells like everything I'd hoped! Zingy! Clean! Juicy! Mandarintastic!

One that delightful mandarin chill disappears, we're at the Ginger Lily phase, one assumes. What does Ginger Lily smell like? I had pondered this question as I looked at the (exquisite!) bottle the first time.

Lily, Ginger

Well, if anyone knows, please tell me. On me (everyone?) the mandarin is followed by the distinct scent of... Nothing.

Once the zip is gone, I get zilch. Air. Skin. Not a "skin scent", friends: skin. Mine. Nuthin' but nothing.

I'll still burn through this bottle, though, using Mandarin and Ginger Lily as a cologne-style freshener. Each spritz and happy mandarin snuffling is laced with a twinge o' sadness, however, because I'm just left wanting more.

Do you have a favorite citrus? Citrus perfume? Do you have any idea what a ginger lily smells like? Have you tried any of Trish's other scents (or this one)? Do you keep your makeup in a binder? Why are canned mandarin oranges so damned good?

Disclosure: This perfume was provided -for consideration only- as a press sample.
That fact did not influence me at all when writing or forming my opinion.


  1. I have no idea what ginger lily is supposed to smell like! Maybe the canned version of mandarin oranges are so good because of the syrup!?

    I don't have a fav citrus fragrance..yet!

  2. Hell, I'm not even sure what a ginger lily is supposed to LOOK like. There are apparently a ton of different versions. Well, they bottled the scentless one. ;)

    I bet it's the syrup. You're a bloody genius! (See what I did there?)

  3. hehee, yes I see! You punster you!

    Actually I googled ginger lily and the only thing I found was that the white flower is fragrant..sigh!

  4. You know I love Frederic Malle Birgarade Concentree. Have you tried the Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte? It has a lovely lemon/tangerine top note, but it fades quickly. I'm not sure, but I think Gres Cabotine is supposed to be based on ginger lily. I like it, but be warned, it's strong and Luca Turin HATED it - said that people should only wear it at home. LOL.

  5. I have a sample of Bigarade Concentree somewhere. I forgot I was holding that for warmer weather! Thanks. I haven't tried the Chanel. Noted.

    As for Luca and his opinions, I set my clock by them.

    No, I don't. I'll keep Cabotine in mind! Thanks. :)

  6. I have never used this type of perfume, but I love citrus smells. :)

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