Got info? No. 4711 Geranium Rose Eau De Cologne Mystery...

A few of you may have seen me post about this on Facebook a few weeks back. This adorable bottle of No. 4711 Geranium Rose Eau de Cologne came home with my husband one day. I had never heard of it before. Apparently, neither had anyone I talked to. Well, turns out even the 4711 company knows nothing about it!  Here's what they told me...

"XXXXX XXXXXX forwarded me your e-mail. Unfortunately we do not have any information on the Geranium-Rose series. We only know that there also was a soap under that name and that it probably dates from the mid 1960s. But I could not find it in any of the catalogues or price lists. "

How cool, odd, and awesome is that? I have a truly rare bottle of perfume! And completely on accident. I knew it was atypical when he called me and read the bottle label to me. "Buy!" I yelled, like a Wallstreet trader. $2 later, it was ours.

Have any of you ever heard of it? Had a neat vintage find?

PS: How does it smell? Like burning acetone at first, followed by a sweet lemon-rose. It's short-lived, as I expected. Very pretty and sweet.


  1. That's so cool! I love little treasures like that :D

  2. Thanks! I bet I never have A Find like this again, but even if I don't - this is pretty cool! It took 2 weeks for the company to comb through things to tell me they had no idea. :)

  3. "Buy!" I yelled, like a Wall Street trader.

    Hilarious. :)

  4. I also have a bottle of this perfume and would venture it may be older than 1960s. The bottle is straight with a bowed front and very curvy neck. It has a metal screw on top marked F M Blue and Gold Tradmark. The label looks to be identical to the one photographed. It was among my mother-in-laws things. She was 74 and died in 1989.


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