Patch Test Bunny reporting for duty! 2011 Summer of Patchouli Love.

I am so totally loving being a Patch Test Bunny! Not only am I getting to try some amazing natural perfumes, but I'm falling in love with patchouli all over again!

I'm going to review most of the scents here, but first I want to tell you which I've selected as my Top Three!

Remember: each Patch Test Bunny (bloggers, experts, famous friends) got 13 un-numbered samples of natural perfumes constructed around a minimum of 25% patchouli. Each perfume is 100% natural. Otherwise, it was up to each perfumer to decide where to go with their scent. Some buried the patch in light, bright florals, while others reveled in the patchouli and honored its darker side. 

In my opinion, each and every one is bottle-worthy (no, really!), but I had to pick 3 favorites. They were...

Here are a few notes about them:

#11 - My first place choice, though it was an intense struggle to choose. This one opens strong and tough, but then pulls me in close and hugs me, just like I like it! I didn't immediately notice the leathery aspect until Nathan Branch (one of my imaginary BFFs) pointed out, but indeed there is a nuance of leather. I enjoy a bit of badass in my perfumes, so this doesn't surprise me too much. But I also love the wafts of florals and mellow patch. I'm really diverse and this scent works for all of my sides!

#2 - I love the meatiness of this one. Not like a side of beef. More like deep and complex. Over time a bit of a smoky vibe starts to come out, which adds to the complexity, richness and beauty of the scent. There is a little bit of a flirtation with the gourmand here - something vanilla? Maybe chocolate? Is that anise? Wait, it's gone. I can't wait to read the notes in this one - you know my baby, newbie nose isn't great at this game!

#3 - You know how sheer curtains catch in the breeze, billowing out nice and full and then pulling back in, tight? That's kind of how this perfume moves. It's light much of the time, with a hidden darker base tinged with spices. There's coconut in there, I'm sure of it, and even though I wouldn't call this "tropical" its lightness and simply pretty presence is going to be with me at the beach on vacation!

One thing all of my top choices have is noticeable patchouli. Well, there's 25% in there, right? Not so fast! Not all of the 13 placed the patchouli out there, front and center. Some had hidden the patchouli pretty well, which is fine, but I love the patch and want to smell it.

Most of the testers have returned their ballots and many have shared some thoughts on the scents they enjoyed most. As soon as all of the votes are in, Monica will announce the three winners (most overall votes) and share the scent breakdowns. Then we can all buy the ones we love, just in time for late Summer-early Fall (my favorite time to wear patchouli).

Stay tuned for more Summer of Patchouli Love.

Peace, Love and Patchouli (PLAP)!
* jen

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  1. Oh I love the colors of all 13 perfumes! It's so intoxicating looking at the diversity of shade!

    I can't wait to find out whose is whose :D


  2. Such an enjoyable read! It's a pleasure to learn the "inner workings" of being a bunny. Thank you so much for your dedicated sniffing :)

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  4. Jen, I love your "word art" on the photos, and the font is perfect for the occasion!

    You and I both had #2 in our top 3, and I see that we also liked some of the same things about it. I surprised myself by liking it so much, since the patch is indeed so prominent. A very enjoyable read!

  5. Immediately, I was drawn to 3 because of the coconut, but I couldn't have them all in the top 3 :( I really like #2 too. It's dark and mysterious. I can't wait to read the notes and find out who did what.

  6. It's a wonderful first review! I can't wait to read even more~ Lovely images and graphics, too (as always). oxo

  7. We both had 2 & 3 also, it's always cool when someone else matches yours in these kind of things. Love the photos. Bark is so appropriate.


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