Quick & Dirty Review: Raghba

A nice "quick and dirty" review for a great cheapie perfume that every Oriental lover should have on the shelves.

Raghba came my was as many perfumes do, in a bag of samples from another perfumista. He was sure I'd love it.

Well, he was correct!

This is "Middle Eastern Shalimar." That's funny, because "Shalimar" is a Middle Eastern word, but anyway...

I don't know where this comes from but that's Arabic on the front and "Raghba" is sure sounding Middle Eastern. It's made by Lattafa Perfumes. (Aha! They are from the United Arab Emierates! Quick story. When I was in grade school, we had to pick a country to do a report on and I picked the UAE and it became a bit of a joke, because back then no one had heard of this tiny Middle Easten country before. My family often joked about it. Who's laughing now, bitches?! Anybody heard of a little "town" called Dubai?!)


The formula is a oud-based one, so "check," Middle Eastern. But don't get your knickers twisted, any of you, this is not all-caps-exclamation-points OUD!!!!!

It's a soft oud with candy on top. There's loads of vanilla. Supposedly sugar. I smell some incense. Apparently there's sandalwood - yeah, I'll buy that. And musk, but not all hairy man chest and chains stuff.

(Wait, I said no more notes parsing. That's difficult to do!) 

Raghba is a sweet Oriental scent in the vein of Shalimar but modern and low-key oudy. And cheap. If you think that sounds fun, you can't beat the price and it's one of the few times I suggest a blind-buy.

Hey, I love it and I don't really even like oud!

(Got mine on Amazon. Seems to be the cheapest --- and fastest shipping)

Unisex. Family: Oriental; Throw/sillage: Pretty damn good. Your elevator mates will smell it; Longevity: if this is a scrubber you'll hate me; Price: inexpensive. Creamy, rich, sweet woods and vanilla. Could see some people finding it a bit cloying. Wouldn't wear it in the heat probably - only I totally did. 

Have you tried Raghba? Any of the others from the Lattafa line? What are your feelings about oud? Does it bother you when people compare things to Shalimar? How do you feel about hairy chests?

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