Babylon Noir by Opus Oils - it's actually noir! #Devilscent

Perfume Pet Peeve: Calling something "noir" when it's anything but!
Noir calls to mind darkness, danger, mystery, beauty, grittiness, and a sexy edge. Noir has a toughness and cynicism and probably at least one surprising twist. There is often a strong drink, on the rocks, and someone is always smoking...

The Scent of Seduction 
Official Launch: February 14th 2013
BABYLON NOIR (Dark Babylon) is part of The Devilscent Project. Each Limited Edition Artisan Bottle is adorned with Vintage Lace & Fancy Feathers!!! Key Notes Include: Indecent Tuberose, Narcotic Peaches, Luscious Lychee, Civet, Smoke, & Leather. Available in Alcohol or Fractionated Coconut Oil. 

Kedra Hart, perfume mistress at Opus Oils, was part of the incredibly diverse group perfume and blogging project headed by Sheila Eggenberger (author of the yet-to-be-published novel Quantum Demonology, which is freaking amazing). The call went out to scent characters from the book. Babylon Noir is the reply from Opus Oils.


Let's talk about sex for a minute. Sexy perfumes, to be specific. And just in time, right? Valentine's Day is tomorrow!

What would I include in a sexy perfume? Some rich, juicy fruit is a no-brainer, of course. The sexiest flowers I could find. And I happen to love a good naughty tobacco note. And leather is always nice. Make it musky, and I'm sold.

Let's take a look at those Babylon Noir notes again for a sec, shall we?

  • Tuberose ("indecent tuberose"!) is a night-blooming white flower that is pollinated by moths. It smells sexy, round, heady, and fleshy. It originated in Mexico (did you know that?!) and is often used in weddings, Hawaiian leis, and in funerals. In France, maidens were warned against walking at night, lest they smell tuberose and be suddenly influenced to, shall we say "make bad choices".  Is there a more noir flower?
  • Peaches are an ancient fruit, thought to originate in China and their blossoms are carried by Chinese brides. They are often considered sexy, sensual, and also innocent. Indeed, in Babylon Noir they are called "narcotic"!
  • Lychee is a juicy fruit that, in China, symbolizes love and romance, and it's considered quite auspicious. It's red on the outside (the color worn by Chinese brides) and a fleshy pink on the inside, and it's very, very sweet.
  • Civet is a musky, sexy note common in perfumery. It was once removed from actual civet scent glands, but thankfully now perfumery usually uses a synthetic version. Before you get bent out of shape or grossed out, consider this: civet has been used in some of the most sexy, naughty, and/or popular perfumes ever made (Joy, 1000, ShalimarQuelques Fleurs 
    , TabuMuscs Koublai Khan, and the Queen of Perfumes, Chanel No. 5, to name only a few). In fact, I just realized looking at a list of civet-containing fragrances that this note is a common denominator in fragrances I love, going all the way back to my teen years and Colors de Benetton and Carolina Herrera!
  • Smoke. Make no mistake when checking the notes list for Babylon Noir: this "smoke" is definitely from a cigarette and not from some romantic spaghetti Western campfire! Smoke is sexy. Smoking is sexy. Well, maybe not as much now, but historically-speaking. Sex was used to sell cigarettes, and cigarettes were used to spell-out SEXY in a not so subtle way. In 1920 a woman was arrested in New York for smoking in public. In high school, the naughty girls smoked - wearing naughty clothes, hanging out with naughty boys, and sneaking  those smokes in places where only naughty girls went. And need we even mention a sexy man in a leather coat (or cowboy hat, or tailored suit) with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth? Um, swoon! Smoking is a legitimate fetish, enhanced perhaps by its deadly side effects. It's a bit trampy, it's forward, it's not just a little phallic.
  • [via]
    launches its own fetishes. What's sexier than a woman in leather? A man in leather ain't too bad, either! Clothing oneself in animal hides goes way, way back. It's nearly primal. And in modern times, it's a little bit bad-ass. When worn, leather usually goes on tight. Really tight. It's a second skin that one can touch, only barely separated from the person below. It looks like skin, smells like skin - well, it is skin. And need we even mention the whips and other leather implements that may come to mind when one hears the word "leather"? 

Babylon Noir

The first inhalation of Babylon Noir tells you you're in for an exciting, raunchy ride! It's sweet, juicy, ripe, and fleshy right out of the gate. It's innocent. It's naughty! The juicy sweetness drips down your arm (no, not literally, unless you got carried away with the spritzer) and you can almost taste it. It whets your appetite for more. It relaxes you and interests you and it smells oh-so-sexy.

When the delicious lychee and peach pull back ever so slightly, the tuberose steps right in - on long, gorgeous gams and in the sexiest of sexy heels.

Soon, but not too soon, under the pretty and sweet-looking tuberose fruit fest is the twist. A whiff of cigarette smoke. The distinctive scent of black leather.

Eventually, the entire experience is stripped down to the base notes (that's a double entendre in case you missed it). What's left is all you need: lots of leather and a cigarette, for after...

Babylon Noir is actually noir. And it is perhaps my favorite discovery of 2013 so far (and it will be hard to top). It's dark, it's sweet, it's fruity, it's leather-y, it's smoky, it's sexy, Sexy, SEXY. And dammit, it's noir! Thank you, Kedra! Thank you!

Buy Babylon Noir at Opus Oils.
Available in Alcohol or Fractionated Coconut Oil.
Babylon Noir Sample (.5-1ml) $5.00 
Babylon Noir 1/2oz Parfum Roll-On $85.00
Babylon Noir 1oz EDP Spray $95.00
Babylon Noir 1.7oz Fancy Atomizer (Alcohol ONLY) $185.00

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Try Opus Oils' M'eau Joe!


  1. I really like your descripton of Babylon Noir. It sounds fabulous - I need to check it out!

    1. I think it's simply wonderful, though I have A Thing about tobacco and leather and civet at the moment. :)


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