5 Things I Smelled Today

This post is pretty much going to be what it sounds like: a list of 5 things I smelled today.

Don't get all excited, thinkin' this is going to be some regular thang here on This Blog Really Stinks. I don't do "regular". I am way to scattered for that nonsense. Besides: I'm a stay-at-home-most-of-the-time Mom. There's not a ton of variety going on except for the perfumes I spray. I want to challenge myself to pay attention to various smells, though, so hence this semi-regular-when-I-feel-like-it brand-spankin'-new not-series!

So let's hit it. Five things I smelled today.

  1. Sausage. 
    Kid #1, who I will call "Lulu" (which is actually her name because that's the only way I'll remember her pseudonym) asked for "saus" for breakfast. Voila! One of the most disgusting things a vegetarian can cook. Ugh.

  2. Stinky Dog. 
    I had to go sit at our rental property while a plumber plumbed. Boring. The only bright notes were that I got to read a bit more of The Help (yes, way behind the times there) and I got to pet (and pet... and pet... and pet) our tenants' dog, Beauty was more than down for a lot of lovin'. Big old fat and stinky beagles make my day!

    Beagle. Pre-fattening-up. 
  3. Burning Dust.
    The heat kicked on at home and a dust bunny must have gone up in smoke. For just a few minutes I was very aware of that distinctive smell. Do you know the one I'm talking about?

  4. Stinky tennis shoes.
    Yup. Kiddo #1 (AKA Lulu) inherited the tendency to stink up shoes fair and square. Sorry, doll!
    Click here to learn how to clean those bad boys!

  5. Feria conditioner.
    Did you know you can buy that at Sally Beauty Supply? It's got silicone in it, so I don't use it all the time, but it's invaluable to keeping my colored hair smooth and shiny. Kid #2, who I will call Ara (yup, you got it: that's her real name - I am not clever at all) gets hella tangles, and this really helps those knots slip out. We've been out of this conditioner for awhile and I just picked some up yesterday. As soon as I opened the container, I thought "there it is"! Funny the scents you remember.

    What did YOU smell today?


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  2. I like sausage when I'm eating it, but I don't like the way it hangs about in the air afterward. (I suspect that my stove hood fan is insufficient to the task.) And I looooove burning dust. Hubs thinks I'm nuts.

    I like the idea of a recurrent-but-irregular "things I smelled" series. You're not going to smell something memorable all the time, but when you do, you'll share. 'S cool.

    Things *I* smelled today: 1) bacon. Yum. 2) Powdered milk replacer for the orphan calf we're bottle-feeding; it is milky and sweet but doesn't have that stale smell that powdered milk for humans has (I've been known to keep that on hand in the winter, in case of snow - the kids hate it). 3) Clean hair on my youngest kid, immediately post-shower. This is not a given lately - he's reached the age at which, no matter that he's washed his hair in the morning, his head smells really rank by bedtime. It's the onset of early puberty; I noticed it when my daughter and older son were about that age as well, and they've both come out the other side smelling sweet except after track practice. 4) Coffee. Freshly ground coffee beans smell awe.some.

  3. I smelt sausage today too! I reheated one in the microwave (left over from last night's accompaniment to my homemade lentil stew / aka splodge).

    Other than that, not a particularly olfactorial day. I did press my nose very closely to a number of fragrance strips that no long smelt of anything much but high quality paper. : - )


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