Giveaway: Aftelier --- Happy Holidays from me and Mady Aftel!

Last week, I had a complete blast reviewing scents from Aftelier Perfumes. THIS week we'll be running a giveaway of scents from the house, courtesy of Mandy Aftel!

She has graciously offered not one, but TWO minis from her collection. 

Remember my review of Cacao? If that sounded enticing, you'll be thrilled to know that we're giving one away to a lucky winner! And if you enjoyed reading about Memento, which I'll be wearing Christmas morning, then you'll be over-the-moon to hear we're giving a mini of that one away, too!

The simple rules:
  1. Comment below and tell me which of Mandy's scents you most want to try and why. Or, if you're already a fan, tell me which one is your favorite and why!
  2. Also, in the same comment, tell me which of the two giveaway prizes you'd like to win, Cacao or Memento.
    ONE ENTRY PER PERSON - subsequent/additional comments will be deleted or ignored.
Bonus entry:
  • Blog or Tweet or FB about this drawing and get 1 (ONE) bonus entry. Come back here and tell me which social media venue you used to spread the love and tell me if you're entering to win Cacao or Memento.
    You may gain only one extra entry using this method -
     subsequent/additional attempts to curry favor will be deleted or ignored.

More details:
  • The drawing will close on December 23rd 2011 at midnight.
  • On December 24th, will select one (1) person to win a mini Memento and one (1) person to win a mini Cacao
  • I will separate the entries according to which scent you specify in your comment.
    If you fail to mention either scent in your comment, you will be randomly assigned to one pool. If you say "both" or "either" you will be randomly assigned. 
  • My special and highly-scientific method of drawing a winner will be having each of my daughters pick a name out of a hat or bowl or boot or whatever type of vessel I can find on Christmas Eve. 
  • Mandy will ship the prizes to the winners.
  • If a winner does not reply in a reasonable amount of time (let's say one week from the date of the drawing) I will select another winner. 


  1. I was paying attention!
    Amid all holiday prep I was barely there as a commenter, but now I have to de-lurk! ;)

    I am a fan, and my favorite Mandy's scent is Honey Blossom and the one I'd really love to try one of those days is her Perfum Pive.

    But I would be happy to win a mini of Memento! Thanks, Mandy, for providing the holiday fun and thanks, Jen for great reviews and a draw!

  2. Yippers, I so want to try the Oud Louban. Why because it sounds beautiful. Which would I lke of these two, probably Memento. Thanks, JEN and MANDY!

  3. I haven't tried all the scents, though I have tried several. And by far my favorite is Cacao. It's a wild and beautiful ride, from the orange chocolate opening to the most gorgeous jasmine perfume I've ever smelled. Can you guess that this one is the one I'd pick?

  4. I would love to try Mandy's wildflowers perfume solid. Of the two i would love to win Cacao since chocolate and jasmin combined is just bliss!
    Thanks for the great reviews and this amazing draw!

  5. I am already a fan! My favourite is Cepes et Tuberose, closely followed by Honey Blossom. After your review of Cacao, that has to be the perfume I would like to win, if luck should favour me.

  6. I'm hopeless at narrowing down choices but I do like the look of Parfum de Maroc (the Ras-el-Hanout inspired scent) below. Ras-el-Hanout is a fantastic spice-blend, one I can't resist adding to my cooking: warming and colourful and flavourful to boot.

    So, because I'm hopeless at making a choice, I'd be happy with either of the Mandy Aftel minis offered because they are both pretty scrumptious too.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  7. I second Oud Louban. It sounds absolutely gorgeous! I'm a sucker for gourmand scents, so Memento would be the one I'd love to win. :)

  8. Wow Jen, what a treasure to have a week of your fabulous reviews! I was so excited to read each new piece along the way, and feel completely honored and grateful for your very special gift, thank you so much!
    xo Mandy

  9. I may have drooled a little reading your review of Mandy's Cacao. :-) I am most intrigued by Lumiere. I have Mandy's Boronia (which she doesn't make anymore??) and would love to sniff the luscious raspberry-citrusy notes combined with other essences in Lumiere. Please put me in the drawing for Cacao! Thanks for the awesome reviews. ailanna at hotmail dot com

  10. Mandy's new Secret Garden perfume sounds absolutely beautiful. It probably tops my list. Of the two, Cacao has me the most deliciously intrigued. Thank you for this wonderful Christmas present of a draw!

  11. I am a fan of Mandy's Cognac perfume and would love to try the Memento. I was given a mini of Cacao as a gift by a friend and its surely a little treasure. The Honey Blossom is amazing also and a great way to start testing Mandy's fragrances.

  12. I really like Shiso. I'm intrigued by the Fir solid (although haven't experienced it) after having discovered that peru balsam actually smells sweet and vanilla-ey. This sweet quality that wood can have is very interesting to me. I would love to try the Cacao!

  13. Having just recently stumbled upon Mandy's perfumes, I have yet to pick a favorite, but the names are all so intriguing. I am most drawn to the Oud Loubon, as our happens to be a personal favorite single note! The Cacao sounds absolutely divine and perfect for the holidays, so that would be my choice.
    Happy Holidays!

  14. I am not able to tell you my favorite because of my limited exposure to Mandy's scents. But I can tell you I think that the Cacao sound delish:)
    How sweet and generous of you to give us all this chance at a nice little extra Christmas gift:) thank you

  15. I think Honey Blossom is the one that piques my curiosity!

    Of the two, I'd like to win Memento. Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. Mandy's Oud Luban is the absolute loveliest of scents, eight ouds and a wonderful Frankincense. ( with citrus, patchouli, benzoin and choya) The whole thing is soft and reminiscent of Marlin Spike, but without the alcohol.
    However, your two reviews of Cacao and Amber, about the only two scents of Mandy's I haven't tried, have me so intrigued. I love the way you wrote about both of them, as I'm amber crazed, but perhaps most fascinated by the juxtaposition of chocolate and Jasmine, with overtones of the Citrus's. I think I should most like to sample the Cacao.
    Thanks, and thank you for your fun reviews!

  17. Thanks to both of you!! I haven't yet had the chance to try any of Mandy's fragrances, and I've read great reviews of everything she makes. But I'll say I'm mostly intrigued by Honey Blossom (“a flower that smells like honey"!), Trèvert (it could make me finally like tuberose?), and Cepes & Tuberose (I'm really intrigued by a mushroom scent).

    But Cacao might actually be the scent that's closest to my tastes, so it's the one I'm choosing for the draw! Thanks!

  18. I already got to sample Cacao (divine!) but I never had the chance to take a sniff at Memento, nor did I read much about it, actually. I'm glad my attention was drawn to your blog by this giveaway though: I just read your Memento review and now I would very much like to win it!

  19. I love Mandy's solid rose perfume, it's not your mother's rose.... so sexy! Amber is a interesting scent that is not a one note samba. I would love to try Secret Garden and Cacao

  20. How nice! I'd love to win Cacao. If I were to get lucky. It sounds scrumptious. Thank you!

  21. I would love to try Memento. Being lucky enough to live in the Bay area and having just gone to Mandy's holiday open house I would like to say that I smelled everything but... how can you? With teas, and candles, and botanicals and natural isolates and so many delicious perfumes.... I just couldn't take them all in. I love her Tango but I'm just cracking the surface of her perfumes your Aftel week is a big help in getting deeper into what she has on offer.

  22. Amber is my favorite on Mandy's scents so far. The evolution of the scent from the sparkling citrus top to the labdanum-rich base just makes me happy!

    I haven't had the chance to try Cacao, so I would love to try that one if I win.

    Thanks for the great reviews and the draw!


  23. I really love Honey Blossom. I haven't tried either, so I'd be open to both!

  24. I haven't yet sampled any of Mandy's scents, but it's been great fun reading your reviews of the Aftelier scents this week and your discovery that you can be a gourmand lover. Isn't it amazing what good chocolate can do for almost anything? :)

    I think from all the reviews I've read I'd most like to try her recent release, Haute Claire. Her newest, Secret Garden, sounds appealing too.

    Please enter me into the draw for Memento -- I'd love to try its spiciness.

    -- Lindaloo

  25. I adore Tango, but thus far, it's the only Aftelier I've tried.

    The Cacao would be my choice; it sounds amazing.

  26. I would lve to try Cacao. Chocolate and jasmin combined sounds absolutly amazing. Two of my fave scents. Please enter me in the draw for Cacao. THank you Linnea Wiedeman

  27. What a joy! :D I've tried Mandy's Haute Claire. So, there is so many things to try. :D
    I am curious of many things... Secret garden, Prive, Tango... Memento sounds interesting too. That would be my choice for this draw.

    Happy holidays to you and Mandy.

  28. I come back and read all the comments and they are so lovely!! Thank you so much. This is what it is all about for me.

  29. I love Cacao, my favorite Aftelier fragrance! I will post this on Twitter. Thanks for holding this giveaway :)

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Ooh, thank you! I've smelled everything in Mandy's current line, plus two that are no longer in production, so I'd say that what I'd most likely to try are some of her discontinued fragrances (especially Leather!)

    But if I had to pick from her current line, I'd say that my favorite is a tie between Shiso and Secret Garden.

    I would like to win Cacao.

    Thanks for the give-away, and happy holidays!

    I deleted my last comment because I forgot to mention that I also shared this on Facebook.

  32. I have read your review of Memento and now it is the Aftelier perfume I want to try. I love spicy notes, especially in Winter time. It sounds as a really comfortable scent. So, if I were a lucky winner, I would pick Memento.

    I own Haute Claire and it is a very complex scent, which has grown on me since I tried it for the first time. I love the drydown.

    Thanks, Mandy!

  33. Hello to another Virginia lady!
    I just stumbled across your blog....31 minutes too late to enter the draw, LOL

    I went and read your review of both, Memento sounds like it would do better on me. Cacao sounds lovely but as my skin seems to wierdly ramp up jasmine's indolic qualities, I think it would turn into a mess on me.


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