Aftelier Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners from the Aftelier Giveaway...
The winner of the Cacao sample is: Jennifer 
"I may have drooled a little reading your review of Mandy's Cacao. :-) I am most intrigued by Lumiere. I have Mandy's Boronia (which she doesn't make anymore??) and would love to sniff the luscious raspberry-citrusy notes combined with other essences in Lumiere. Please put me in the drawing for Cacao! Thanks for the awesome reviews. ailanna at hotmail dot com"
The winner of the Memento sample is:   Ankica

"What a joy! :D I've tried Mandy's Haute Claire. So, there is so many things to try. :D
I am curious of many things... Secret garden, Prive, Tango... Memento sounds interesting too. That would be my choice for this draw. "

Please contact me at fiftycenthead[at]gmail[.]com or PM me on Facebook and I'll get your info to Mandy.

Congratulations! And thanks to all of you for your comments. More thanks to Mandy Aftel for the opportunity!

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