Bite Me. (Another Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oil review)

Bite Me.

As in:

Not as in:

From a vampire-themed Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab update in 2009.

The description:
Croquembouche with almond silk and a drizzle of caramel.

This is a croquemboche:

So this is what I expected Bite Me to smell like:

But this is what it does smell like:

Which makes me need:

And then I need to:

So I keep Bite Me in a drawer, unused.

image sources: bite me card; bite me maskCroquembouche; cream puff; caramel; chocolate (it's actually a lamp!); cough syrup; aspirin; doctor scrubbing


  1. So, SO glad I had finished my coffee before reading this today. My keyboard did not need a coffee bath... but I did need that laugh. Thanks.

  2. Ha! Twas an unfortunate discovery. :)

  3. Ooh er...I can't even look at "Casualty" or "Gray's Anatomy", so this is definitely not for me. : - )

  4. I don't know who it is for, actually. A definite miss. :(

  5. I want all those things that you've used to illustrate how it should have smelled! And I'm really sorry you had to endure the reality. But also I'm glad you did it so we won't have to. So thank you! :)


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