Quick Sniffs: Virgin Island Water (Creed)


Creed's Virgin Island Water is not groundbreaking. It's not setting fires for creativity or complexity. From those statements, I would normally get on my soapbox and start my rant: "you're charging how much for that?!"

But I'm not. Why? Because this perfume smells really freakin' awesome.

Let me set a little scene, if you'll humor me for a minute.

Imagine yourself on a well-earned holiday. Picture a lovely little island in the tropics where you find yourself settled in a chair that reclines at just the right angle. The sun beats down. You'd be sweating if it weren't for the umbrella above your head and the perfect gentle breeze. The ocean sparkles. The waves crash onto impeccable white sand. You contemplate the beautiful tropical flowers spilling over a nearby patio and adjust your sunglasses. A charming server materializes and hands you a nice rum drink, heavy on the lime, sugar laced along the rim of the glass. You're pleased to see your phone doesn't work here and you take a sip.
Top Notes: Essence of copra (the white inner portion of the coconut); lime of the Antilles; white bergamot and mandarin orange from Sicily.
Middle Notes: Hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang and Indian jasmine.
Bottom Notes: Sugar cane and white rum of the Antilles, musk from Tonkin.
As unisex as the perfect rum drink on vacation.

Any reason to use this picture is a good one.


  1. I love this one too. You describe it perfectly, it's a cocktail on the beach!

  2. I fully agree, Virgin Island Water isn't going to win any originality prizes, but I keep coming back to it every time someone wants a beachy, summery scent. It's so good at what it does.


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